Mounting the Kuryakyn 9171 on a Roadliner or Stratoliner


Thinking about a different look for your Roadliner or Stratoliner?

Kuryakyn part # 9171, list price $59.95 is the answer

I bought mine at KDM Motorcycle Accessories, Parts and Apparel


These are the components in the kit




I didn't take a picture with only the plate removed. First, remove the license plate, then remove the three bolts holding the mount to the fender. Be careful, the Chrome is just a cover that fits loosely on the actual mount. Save the mounting bolts

After the mount is removed, the fender will look like this (unless it's a different color). The arrow is the mounting hole used for the Kuryakyn



This hole on the Kuryakyn mount needs to be enlarged slightly. One of the original mounting bolts will be used in this hole, so drill it or file it until the bolt just fits through



Using the foam gasket from the package behind the mount, install the bolt through the new mounting plate into the fender. Use Blue Loctite or equivalent on the bolt. Make sure the mount is level with the license plate lamp and that the two lower gasket holes still line up with the mount before tightening the bolt

You will need to flex your license plate to follow the curve of the mount as described in the Kuryakyn instructions. Insert the plate into the frame and then bolt the frame onto the mount. Get all four bolts started before tightening any of them, them tighten them equally. You can see how closely the new unit follows the curve of the fender




Only one bolt and nut hold the assembly but it is VERY solid.

 Remember, only one bolt and nut hold your wheels on too!



I think the Kuryakyn part is a vast improvement
over the stock Yamaha unit from every angle.